Mithun Das

Distingusihed Software Engineer at Cox Automotive Inc

Ambassador at Edge Impulse | Ambassador at Balena

I talk about #tinyml #iot #automobile

I, Mithun Das, am a Distinguished Software Engineer at Cox Automotive Inc. where I’m currently focusing on building high available, scalable enterprise product which will change the next generation car registration experience for buyers and dealers. We adopted micro-service architecture building on top of battle tested Netflix OSS stack and Amazon Cloud. I am a technology hobbyist and love to learn and explore new technologies, frameworks, tools. After family and dog, whenever I get free time, I like to code.

I am a technology hobbyist and love to learn and explore new technologies, frameworks and hardwares. After family, coding is his best time pass. Mithun loves to bring in new ideas and showcase them in Hackathons outside of his regular work hours. Mithun is an open source contributor and open sourced his many projects and experiments on Github to help others.

I have 17 years of experience as Software Engineer and Architect, and worked on wide spectrum of technology stack including J2EE, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Microservice, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Ionic framework, Swift for iOS, AWS, Alexa Skill, Blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Truffle, IOTA, Python, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.

I like to tinker with IoT solutions using embedded systems and tinyML. Mithun has built several solutions including - fight climate change, save endangered animals, home office assistance, haptic solution for deaf parents and many more. Several projects are documented and published on